AQUA FILTER (AF) Anaerobic filter tank
Is a secondary treatment that is usually designed following the septic tank. The internal system is designed to be most effective without aeration.

AQUA FILTER anaerobic filter is a system designed for maximum efficiency under the most energy-saving conditions. Able to treat waste water from all parts of the building From the waste water from the toilet that passes through the AQUA SEPTIC septic tank to the waste water from other parts of the building.

Easy to install, convenient and time saving

• Use the principle of Up-Flow Anaerobic Filter Bed.

• The efficiency of wastewater treatment according to the waste water standard.

• Certified to work in accordance with ISO9001.


AQUA FILTER anaerobic filter tank for houses and buildings in a separate tank type, which contains plastic intermediates, which are home to many bacteria growth These bacteria will decompose organic substances. In the waste water into biogas (Methane) and water in the tank consists of 2 important zones, namely the sediment zone is the sediment trap cell Active cells, which are strong bacterial cells that cause the process of fermentation to decompose organic matter mixed with Waste water both in the form of slurry and suspended sediment before passing through the treatment zone.