Maintenance Services

Aqua Nishihara has been managing water treatment systems for over 30 years. We have developed various services To cover the needs of customers and to ensure the management of water and wastewater quality Go as efficiently as possible

Maintenance services for waste water treatment systems With care equipment in the treatment system every month or every year To check the condition of the equipment in the treatment system that can work normally or not Or not, which will help reduce the risk of equipment damage. It also helps the system administrator Periodically repair the equipment so that it can be used longer. And able to work efficiently all the time In addition, the service includes Start up and Operate the waste water treatment system.

Service Details
1. Inspection, installation and repair services for machinery and equipment related to waste water treatment systems such as sewage pumps Aerator Sludge Pump Chemical Filler Pump pH Controller

2. Calibration service (Calibration) various instruments used in the wastewater treatment system such as pH Controller, TDS Meter etc.
Start up and Operate wastewater treatment work. Aqua Nishihara has a team of quality personnel. And experience That has the ability to operate the system within all work areas

3. Cleaning the wastewater pond and work in confined spaces with personnel licenses as required by law, including licensors, controllers, assistants, and operators Including safety equipment and tools suitable for working in confined spaces
Suction and removal of sewage sludge With an appropriate disposal method with an efficient sludge transportation system
Services for repairing and updating various systems Including a Septic Tank treatment system to work efficiently In accordance with the standards prescribed by law

4. The work to solve various problems caused by abnormal operation of the treatment system installed in the factory. Shopping malls, hospitals and various departments For the system to work efficiently There is no problem of wastewater quality exceeding the standards. By experienced engineering team and technicians