The septic tank is designed to be used as a primary treatment, separating sludge to reduce the system load before entering the next treatment system. Sizes range from 600-6,000 liters.

AQUA SEPTIC TANK is a prefabricated septic tank developed to replace the old concrete ring septic tank, correct according to environmental engineering principles to increase the efficiency of treatment. Eliminate the problem of latrine as the groundwater penetrates through the wall of the pond, so no need to pump the toilet often and also reduce installation costs. It is strong, durable, and age of the building because it is manufactured from special type POLYETHYLENE.

Eliminate odor problems And clogged toilets

• Easy to install, convenient and economical.

• Helps to increase the efficiency of treatment

• Certified to work in accordance with ISO9001.


The prefabricated septic tank is designed to be the first water treatment tank to separate sediment from the waste water. The waste water from the toilet that flows into the AQUA SEPTIC, which is the sediment. Clear water will flow out through the water pipe. Leaving sludge for the anaerobic bacteria inside the tank to be degraded by the biological process. AQUA SEPTIC focuses on designing to Highest fermentation efficiency To reduce the accumulation of waste And can protect The escape of the waste from the tank to clog the treatment area.