AQUA NBF-SERIES Septic tanks
Is a popular treatment tank That is designed to treat waste water from medium and large buildings Consisting of sediment separator Aeration And the sedimentation section Designed to achieve BOD <= 20 mg / l and SS <= 30 mg / l in accordance with building waste water quality control regulations Has a size to support the amount of community waste water from 10-500 cum / day

AQUA NBF-SERIES Septic tanks

The leader in the fixed film aeration treatment system, aeration tank. For treating waste water from the bathroom, especially for treating waste water by sedimentation process and the Fixed Film Aeration system. That has been treated to good quality standards.

  • Easy to maintain throughout the lifetime Work immediately, no need for sediment pumping, less sediment, no problem with bad smells.
  • High efficiency. Fixed film aeration and random flow media systems. Highly efficient and stable.
  • Effluent treated, ensuring that Through community standards.
  • Use the automatic control unit Easy to maintain, no administration required.
  • Installed underground, save space, both under the building, in the yard or in the garden.
  • The body is made of FRP (Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic), durable throughout the lifespan.