Prefabricated septic tank that includes septic and aerated filters In the same septic tank To save and convenient for installation The internal system is designed for the Treatment Flow pattern to be double flow. Resulting in the highest efficiency of wastewater treatment in a budget that is worthwhile Wastewater can be treated to a BOD <= 20 mg / l. Suitable for homes that need water to be used for watering plants or small buildings. Available in sizes from 800-3,000 L / Day.

Is a prefabricated waste water treatment tank for treating waste water from all parts of the residence Or community waste water from other sources By relying on oxygen species to grow Such microbes live in the spaces of plastic intermediates. And binds to the surface of the medium in the form of mucus, microbes that decompose past impurities As a result, the amount of various substances Especially the dirtiness in the form of BOD and suspended solids. Reducing the amount of oxygen to the system. Done by filling the air Distributed through the air duct and distributed to the aeration pipe in the tank, increasing the amount of oxygen to the system, which, after treating the wastewater with AQUA SEPTIC BIOFILM, will meet the standard quality and can be discharged into the ventilation system. Or public railways without causing pollution to the environment.

Easy to install, convenient and time saving.

• Fluidize moving bed work *

• The efficiency of wastewater treatment meets the effluent standards.

• Certified to work in accordance with ISO9001.

*Causing the internal media to move to shake off old plaque and always create new microbes


AQUA SEPTIC BIOFILM relies on the process of decomposing organic matter in an air wastewater. By waste water from various activities The inside of the building flows into the first AQUA SEPTIC BIOFILM tank, which separates heavy sediment from water and light sediments. Only the clear water part will overflow into the aeration filter. In which aerobic bacteria live in waste water And floated along the gap of the plastic intermediate Responsible for decomposing organic matter To get wastewater in accordance with community sewage standards.