Aerated prefabricated wastewater treatment system designed with energy saving in mind Consisting of sludge separation section Anaerobic filter section And aneration The body is made of reinforced polyethylene. Can effectively treat water to BOD <= 20 mg / l and SS <= 30 mg / l. Suitable for waste water from small buildings. Office building or building with waste water 10-40 cum / day


Is a wastewater treatment system that is designed to be suitable for treating community wastewater in order to obtain wastewater in accordance with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment wastewater standards by using treatment methods. And equipment that is easy to control and maintain And save energy It is especially suitable for medium to large sized public buildings in general.





Aqua Bio Compact Series

Relying on a bio-therapeutic process with a 3-step treatment process.

Step 1: To reduce the suspended mass, heavy sediment and light sediment mixed with waste water.

Step 2: It is an anaerobic filter treatment process. Which has plastic intermediate In this section, it acts to trap the microbes in the tank for as long as possible. For efficient organic degradation.

Step 3: It is an air degradation process. That has microbes attached to the suspended media In the Fixed Film Aeration, the longer the waste water comes into contact with the microbes on the plastic media surface, the better the waste water. And for confidence before releasing into public water sources The treated wastewater flows through the chlorine addition to disinfect before discharging. To a public tram or drain pipe.