AKZ Split type
Designed as a separate tank system between fat digesters And aeration tank For easy installation in areas where long tanks cannot be installed. Suitable for small and medium-sized restaurants With waste water from the kitchen 1,000 – 6,000 L / Day, can be designed to support the treatment to get BOD <= 20 mg / l and FOG <= 5-20 mg / l

AQUA Aerokit Enzyme Tank (AKZ) Septic Tank from the canteen
For 50-400 people (waste water quantity 1-6 cubic meters / day)

  1. Do not need to scoop fat Easy to maintain throughout the lifetime No problem with disturbing odor.
  2. High efficiency with a low rate aerobic submerged bio-film. Treated wastewater can be assured that Pass the community standards And fat treatment (FOG) meets the effluent standards.
  3. Use automatic control unit Easy to maintain, does not require expert administration.
  4. Install underground, save space Can be used under the building, in the yard, or in the garden.
  5. The body is manufactured with polyethylene, durable throughout the lifetime.