Oily Waste water treatment

Oily Waste water treatment

Grease contaminated waste water The headache problem for waste water treatment !!!

Grease contaminated waste water , such as wastewater from the cafeteria or the food factory Is an organic waste water Hard to treat This is because the decomposition of fat naturally takes a very long time. In the past, the primary method of disposal was to scoop the fat in the tank to trap the fat that floats on the surface and then leave. Before that waste water will flow together with waste water from other parts to enter the treatment system upwards

Just trapping fat Can help but not much !!

The problem is We can’t scoop out the fat. Because some fat does not separate or separate layers. Which is the part of fat Emulsion and water soluble part especially When using a dishwashing liquid that will reduce the surface tension of the water, it will cause more fat to dissolve in the water. If the waste water is allowed to contaminate the general wastewater flow, it will result in the failure of the wastewater treatment system. Because more fat will adhere to the bio film so the microbes in the system cannot degrade the dirt.

Complicated and blurred !!

Scooping the fat in the grease trap. In addition to not being able to separate fat effectively It is still a complicated and messy matter. In addition, some places do not accept waste disposal vehicles because they are considered industrial waste.

Bio-therapy is the answer !!

AQUA NISHIHARA We have seen this problem and have been researching for many years. Until found that the treatment of waste water contaminated with fat The most suitable is the treatment by degradation of fat molecules by biological methods. After the successful treatment of food factory waste water Therefore designed a ready-made wastewater treatment system named AKZ MODEL, which is a prefabricated system designed to treat wastewater from Canteen restaurants, food centers, or small food factories.

AKZ MODEL Fat treatment innovation By biological methods

AKZ MODEL is an effective fat-contaminated waste water treatment system And accepted by customers That is a fat treatment system that works well And also helps to reduce fat clogging in the pipe lines as well. This system is used in conjunction with the AQUA-M enzyme feed, which is effective for fat digestion. It works well with the AKZ system design criteria. Cheap price (Most of the fat digesting enzymes are imported and expensive) And sold only to customers who installed the AKZ system

Yeast Treatment Another alternative technology that can effectively treat high strength wastewater

AQUA NISHIHARA can design fat management systems. By using the YEAST REATOR system for waste water with high impurities Or wastewater that is toxic to biological systems as well. You can contact our sales engineers directly.

AQUA grease trap for the right choice

However, in some cases, grease traps under the sink Still need to be used to trap debris Before flowing into the building’s total treatment system We have therefore designed a small grease trap to meet the market demand. There are many models to choose from. Many types according to customer selection.

Oily wastewater treatment

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