Grease trap under sink/above ground
Is a grease trap GTS suitable for installation under the sink Inside there is a water control pad for better separation of fat. There is a waste trap screen made from rustproof stainless steel material. Manufactured from the rotomoulding process, making the wall thick and durable.

Aqua Grease Trap (for floor standing)

AQUA GT works divided into 2 parts.

Part 1: Food waste trap Responsible for filtering and trapping food scraps from the water tank into a sieve that can be easily removed for cleaning and reduces the speed of the waste water tank that enters the grease trap

Part 2: It is a separation and trap fat The cross-sectional area of ​​this section will be designed to be large enough to separate the fat from the discharge water according to the flow rate. Which will be kept for a period of time So that the fat floats up to the surface of the water When the fat that separates from the waste water accumulates in the tank to trap more fat. In separating the fat, it is necessary to scoop away. (Tank installed underground) to prevent the fat from going into the sewer For tanks installed under sink, there will be a grease drainage device that will drain the fat into the support container and then discard it before flowing into the treatment system.