Multi Disk Screw Press


  1. Suitable for fat sludge
  2. Increase concentration and separation of water all in one system
  3. Can be used with sediment in a variety of applications
  4. Save space and installation
  5. Easy to use / easy maintenance
  6. Supports more workloads that can be expanded.
  7. Save electricity and water
  8. Low noise
  9. Automatic cleaning timer


Clog-free good at oily sludge

Spiral powered Which is suitable for fat sludge Have a mechanism to reduce clogging and self-cleaning.

Thickening and dewatering all in one filter drum

An integrated system structure that performs two functions in one machine, both increasing concentration and separating water from sediment. By having a secret system, automatic cleaning mechanism The filter is free of clogging, resulting in high speed.

Applicable to sludge in various kinds of applications

Municipal water treatment plants and waste water treatment plants , Agricultural/fishery community wastewater treatment plants , Industrial waste treatment plants , Food/beverage production plants , Dairy farming / Meat processing plants , Chemicals manufacturing plants , Machinery manufacturing / Metal processing plants , Laundry wastewater

Wide Line-up Array Small Footprint

Different types of presses use a large installation space and are loud.

Easy operation / Easy maintenance

The system of operation and operation setting checking is easy to understand. Working with automated systems 24 hours a day without requiring operators to look after the machine or in that location There is a convenient control system that works automatically by using various sensors to operate.

Expandable throughput

Ready for future sludge growth with an accessory kit And there is not an excessive increase in the initial operating cost

Environmentally friendly With a design to save electricity and save water

Save electricity with maximum value.

Can save water use many times.

Low noise / low vibration

As there is no rotating at high speed, there is no need to worry about sound and vibration. Low noise, preventing noise when operating the machine. In addition, the conduit is minimized to prevent complicated foundations.

Automatic cleaning timer

Can clean by yourself It also uses the right amount of water for washing, which saves a lot of water and is also convenient for users. No need to use people to spray the machine wash.

Guaranteed and reliable after-sales service

With over 20 years of experience in the company providing water and wastewater management services, we have expertise in machine tools and equipment in the system. We also have a team of quality technicians with reliable standards. When the company’s equipment that you use is damaged and damaged
We are able to repair to be able to use normally. In addition, there are spare parts for service to customers.

Supervision and control of waste water treatment systems and various machinery equipment To work consistently and efficiently is difficult, requiring skilled personnel. In controlling and solving problems in time Therefore, the company understands these limitations of customers very well.

Aqua Nishihara Corporation Limited has provided services for inspection, troubleshooting of machinery, equipment and improving wastewater treatment systems to be able to work efficiently. In the form of an annual long-term contract with the company In addition to emergency repairs.

Example, comparing the value with various machines


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