Water & Wastewater Equipment

  • Removal of hydrocarbon from water by different density with coalescence technology and Air floatation.
  • Removal of coarse and fine solid by Drum screen, Screw and Bar screen technology.
  • To dehydrate sludge from Industrial and Domestic sludge by Filter press , Screw press and Belt press technology.
  • Sludge dewatering equipment for round sedimentation tank Which can be used with a wide variety of sedimentation tanks
  • Removal of organic matter by high efficiency Air diffuser , Air blower , Aerator technology.
  • Water aeration equipment category such as Silent Blower, Aerator, Surface Aerator.
  • Purification treatment for fresh water surface and Deep well for drinking and industrial purpose with Lamella clarifier and continuous backwash sand filtration technology and disinfection system as well.
  • Large water tank model It is characterized by being able to be carried and transported easily and with low transportation costs. Because they can be disassembled and assembled at the office, which makes the water tank larger. It can be conveniently delivered to the customer’s office. With a 99% reduction in transportation volume.